Skype Counselling

We provide Skype Counselling to people all over the world.

For many people, talking openly about difficult problems is hard. Finding the time to undertake this commitment can also be challenging. But it is well worth it, and skype therapy is a really convenient way to make it happen. Skype therapy and counselling offers many advantages.

Skype therapy is confidential: Skype is a secure way to communicate and is password protected.What you discuss in a session stays completely private.

It is easier to open up with Skype therapy: Skype counselling allows you to discuss sensitive issues directly, but without meeting face-to-face. Many find it a more relaxed way to work with a therapist, particularly if they feel embarrassed about their problems

Skype counselling saves time and travel: There is no need to travel, simply log on to Skype from your choice of location. It can be home, your office, the park or even from a hotel when you are travelling. It really is that simple. For those living in remote locations, or who have mobility difficulties it overs a practical solution

Convenient skype therapy sessions: Balancing family life, a job, a social life and other commitments can be challenging. Skype therapy sessions are flexible and can be arranged to fit with your routine

Low cost skype therapy: Less travel, lower overheads and free skype connection offer you savings

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