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About me

Hello! I’m Marina Sabolova

I am trained, professionally supervised, insured counselor based in Portishead. I also work in the Bristol and Somerset area.
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What I Offer

I provide a confidential and non-judgmental counselling service for children, young people and adults.

The service is for clients seeking help to explore difficult issues which are having an adverse effect on their psychological or emotional well-being.

The service was established in 2016 by Marina Sabolova.

I am a trained, professionally supervised, insured counsellor based in Portishead. I also work in the Bristol and Somerset area.

I feel very passionate about my counselling work. Since age 15, I have known that working with people is what I would like to do as a professional as I always felt fascinated by human behaviours. As a teenager, I worked on projects about ‘Human personalities’ and ‘Stress in everyday life’ and presented them internationally.

 I think people should be more aware of everyday stress and its consequences. It is very important to recognise what is happening in their lives and their bodies and try to avoid burnout. I support people dealing with their problems, worries and believe that working together can improve client’s understanding and managing their feelings and emotions; build resiliency and copying mechanism.

At present, I am working on the project called “Counsellors’ experiences of working with young people within schools”. The goal of this project is to produce knowledge that makes a positive difference to counselling practice and will help identify opportunities for improving elements of school counselling services, communities and counselling organisations.

Nowadays, more and more children struggle with confidence, anger, behaviour, self-harm, friendships, family and school life issues.

 It is important for our society to recognise early signs of mental health problems in our children and young people. I strongly believe that it is easier to build stronger children than repair broken adults.

I support children and young people on their way of self-discovery, building their confidence and making them aware of their well being and self-care.

When clients come for the therapy, I do not tell them what to do; I am there to discuss their problems and by exploring them together I help clients to see things more clearly.

I love working with individuals of all ages to build resilience and improve their self-esteem, empowering them to make changes and find joy in their lives.

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