Adult Counselling


Modern life can be tough. Whether it’s work, relationships, family, bereavement, finances, illness, addiction, being bullied or trolled online.

How we cope with what life throws at us is a very personal thing.


Yet for some there is still a belief that it’s only when your life is falling apart, or you’ve been diagnosed with a serious mental illness that you should see a counsellor.


Thankfully, that’s changing. The more that society, employers and politicians recognise that mental health and wellbeing is as important as our physical health the less stigma there is around seeking help from an expert.


And it doesn’t matter how you’re feeling, what symptoms you ‘tick’ on a checklist or the size of the problem you are experiencing, sharing a personal concern, issue or difficulty with a counsellor trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches can be life changing.


At OK Talk Counselling we provide understanding, support and empowerment in a safe, secure and confidential setting.


We don’t judge. We work with you to help bring about effective change, enhance your wellbeing and enable you to successfully move forward.


We also don’t sign you up for more counselling sessions then you need. We apply our skills and expertise in determining, together with you, whether one session is enough or if a longer course is required.


Through working with a fully trained, highly skilled professional counsellor at OK Talk Counselling, the client will be able to fully explore their issue[s], gain clarity of the situation and develop a deeper understanding of themselves. This increased clarity and understanding can help to identify useful behavior changes and develop new coping skills.

OK Talk Counselling uses a range of approaches and therapies, including:


  • Person-centred therapy

This therapy encourages the client to see themselves as the master of their own personal growth with the counsellor providing positive support and empathy


  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy

With this therapy, the counsellor and client explore unconscious and past experiences which may be deep-rooted and negatively influencing current behavior


  • Solution-focused therapy

Here, the focus of the therapy is not dwelling on the past but promoting positive change in the client’s present and future


  • Transactional analysis

This involves exploring a client’s adoption of three ego states – Parent, Adult and Child – and how each can determine that individual’s interaction and behavior towards others


  • Cognitive behavioural therapy [CBT]

This therapy focuses on helping the client identify and challenge negative feelings, thoughts and behavior so they can deal with situations in a more positive way


  • Emotionally focused therapy

With this therapy, the counsellor helps the client, typically families and couples, to understand their own and others’ emotions with the aim of improving the relationship


  • Creative therapy

This therapy involves helping the client explore feelings and emotions through a range of expressive and creative techniques beyond talking, such as writing, sand play and music


  • Art therapy

Uses techniques of artistry including drawing, painting and photography as a way for the client to express, communicate and explore issues, feelings and emotions beyond words


  • Family therapy

This therapy enables couples, family members or others in close relationships to safely share and explore difficult thoughts or emotions and experience different perspectives


  • Play therapy

Most commonly used with children, play therapy encourages expression in a safe, secure and comfortable environment

I found my time with OK Talk Counselling brilliant. Marina was very helpful and extremely caring and offered amazing support. I struggled with anxiety and the lose of a relative and relationship breakdown. I honestly can say the dark hole I was in at the time felt like it was getting deeper but with OK Talk Counselling's help I found the light and the strenght to climb out. I will forever be thankful for this. 

I had a negative experience at work which hugely impacted my self esteem, and because of Covid lockdown and my feelings of inadequacy I hadn't been able to talk it through with anyone properly. I wasn't sure if I was making a big deal out of nothing or if it was significant enough for counselling. But I made the appointment and am really glad I did. Marina was very empathetic and objective and helped me see myself in a different light. This has really helped me at work and in my personal life. Thank you!

It was great finally to talk to someone. 

Really lovely session I start to see now what’s going on with my thought process I can’t wait til next time. 

It was of very great help and support.

Marina was excellent. Helped me to work through my problems in a friendly yet professional & supporting way. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for CBT

I went to see Marina about ongoing feelings of depression and anxiety I've experienced for the last 10 years. Marina was very empathetic and understanding, not only has she helped me deal with the current symptoms but also helped me find the root cause. I can't recommend her enough.

So easy to chat with Marina when I can't chat to others. She is a nice calm person and very attentive.