Q: What is counselling?

A: The word ‘counselling’ can be interpreted in many ways. At OK Talk Counselling, it is defined simply as ‘helping through talking’. The power of sharing a personal concern, issue or difficulty with an expert you trust and who is trained to help you make sense of it can be life changing. Counselling is not about trying to ‘fix’ that individual but instead provides understanding, support and empowerment so that they can make positive decisions for themselves.


Q: How do I know if I need to see a counsellor or that they will be able to help me?

A: Recognising that you are facing an issue or difficulty which is causing you concern and affecting your mental health and wellbeing is the first and often hardest step. At OK Talk Counselling, no problem is considered ‘not serious or bad enough’. If something is causing you concern, then it is appropriate for you to seek professional support.


Q: How do I go about choosing a counsellor who is right for me?

A: Choosing a counsellor is a personal decision based on those factors most important to you. From the outset, OK Talk Counselling offers a safe, secure and confidential setting where you will feel empowered to talk openly, freely and honestly with your fully accredited and industry registered therapist.


Q: What should I expect at my first counselling session?

A: The first session, which will last around 50 minutes, is an opportunity for you to discuss with your counsellor your reasons for seeking counselling and what you want to achieve from working together. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the process and agree a realistic outcome from your counselling sessions. It is important that you use your first counselling session as an opportunity to gauge whether you feel the therapist is someone you’d be prepared to go on an emotional journey with. Therapy is a very personal process and it may be necessary for you, in time, to talk about difficult decisions or painful feelings so it is important you feel comfortable working with the counsellor from the outset.  


Q: Is a third party allowed to come into a counselling session?

A: Clients are of course welcome to have someone they know accompany them to counselling, however, that person will be asked to leave before the session between the client and their counsellor starts. OK Talk Counselling is committed to providing a nonjudgmental, safe and confidential counselling environment where clients feel empowered to fully explore the issues affecting them. This way of working must be able to progress unhindered for the full benefit of the individual concerned.


Q: What if I feel after the first session that counselling isn’t for me?

A: It may be that after your first counselling session you decide that you do not wish to continue and, of course, you are completely welcome to leave. Your therapist may also recommend that a different or more appropriate therapy be sought and will, therefore, offer a referral.


 Q: How will I know if I need to come back for further counselling sessions?

A: If after your first session both you and your therapist feel that further counselling would be beneficial and you wish to continue, you and your therapist will agree to a counselling contract. This sets out the terms, including the price, under which counselling is being offered to you. Often clients are nervous at their first counselling session so committing something in writing together with your therapist can be helpful and provides an excellent future reference point.


Q: How long does each subsequent counselling session last and how much will they cost?

A: Should you decide that you would like to attend further counselling sessions, your counsellor will work with you to plan further, regular sessions which will each last around 50 minutes and cost £55 per session. How many sessions you have and in what format will depend on your specific needs and circumstances.


Q: What assurances are there that counselling will work?

A: People from all walks of life seek counselling support for a range of reasons. Whilst the issues can be common, OK Talk Counselling does not apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach nor is it about ‘fixing’ the individual. Instead, it’s about creating for that individual a safe, secure and supported environment where they feel open and empowered to discuss, explore and reflect. It’s also about going on a journey with their counsellor so, in time, that individual feels better able and equipped to make decisions themselves and improve their life.


Q: Are there alternatives to seeing my counsellor in person?

A: OK Talk Counselling fully understand that clients lead busy lives or may not have access to transport, meaning it’s not always possible to book regular face-to-face counselling sessions. That is why OK Talk Counselling offer the choice of having private counselling sessions in person, over the telephone or via Skype. OK Talk Counselling also offers day or weekend retreats.


Q: What happens if I am unable to attend my scheduled counselling session?

A: If you are unable to attend your counselling session, please let OK Talk Counselling know immediately either by calling 07704 637967 [leave a voicemail] or by emailing info@oktalkcounselling.co.uk informing them of your cancellation and reason why.


Q: It’s my child that needs counselling, what is the process?

A:  Your counsellor at OK Talk Counselling will be fully trained, qualified and experienced in working with children and young people. The same professional approach and ethics which counsellors follow with regards to confidentiality with adult clients are applied to counselling sessions with a child or young person. The sole purpose of the counsellor is to positively support your child so that they feel free to talk privately and personally about any issues which are affecting them. Being able to review with the counsellor how your child is getting on will only be possible with your child’s consent and knowledge. You may wish to speak with your child’s counsellor before their first counselling session should you have any further questions about the process. Discounts are available for counselling sessions concerning children and young people.

Q: I need a letter from my Counsellor

A:  The standart fee for this is £45, which is payable in advance. More complicated letters or reports may attract a higher fee.